Receive payment in Naira and Dollars, Save for things that matter, schedule your payments and bills seamlessly with smarg.

Navigate Your Finances Seamlessly with Smarg

Get paid effortlessly

Request payment from clients and customers with ease using Smarg's intuitive invoicing system. Receive funds from anywhere in the world without complications, so you can focus on your creative pursuits.

Spend smarter, go Further

Schedule your payments, avoid impulsive spending and make the best of your finances.

Monitor your finances

Track your income and spending in one secure place, gaining valuable insights to budget effectively and plan for your future as a creative professional.

Unlock global opportunities with a USD Account

Carry out international projects confidently. With Smarg's USD account, you can hold, manage, and transact in the world's leading currency seamlessly, saving you time and avoiding complex conversion processes.

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We’ve always been passionate about digital professionals

Smarg embarked on its journey as a contract facilitator, making it effortless for clients and freelancers to create detailed project agreements. With clear terms, timelines, budgets, and milestones, we aimed to foster transparency and smooth collaborations. As we immersed ourselves in the world of digital professionals, we realized the importance of efficient project management. Thus, we introduced real-time work tracking, empowering clients and freelancers to monitor progress and deliver exceptional results.

Inspired by the creativity and talent of our users, we envisioned a comprehensive banking app tailored to freelancers and creatives. Smarg's evolution extended beyond contracts to financial empowerment.

Banking the Best Creatives

Today, Smarg stands on the verge of a revolutionary transformation. As we pivot to become your trusted creative banking app, we keep your journey at the heart of our evolution. Smarg is not just a platform; it's a community that celebrates your brilliance and supports your financial growth.

Be part of Smarg's story and experience the future of creative banking.